191st Assault Helicopter Company

Courtesy of Chris Patterson


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Aircraft clean-up day.jpg (53511 bytes)
Aircraft Clean Up Day
Andy Johnston.jpg (44397 bytes)
Andy Johnston
Boating.jpg (47852 bytes)
Bounty Hunter xray.jpg (34764 bytes)
Bounty Hunter Xray
business end.jpg (47176 bytes)
Business End
Cleanliness.jpg (38725 bytes)
Dave Hamilton.jpg (37791 bytes)
Dave Hamilton
Everybodies got one of these.jpg (25359 bytes)
Flores.jpg (28139 bytes)
FNGS.jpg (40629 bytes)
Green Line.jpg (42649 bytes)
Green Line
MikePapaTango.jpg (44833 bytes)
My Phuc Tay
Motel 6.jpg (62892 bytes)

Motel 6
Patterson, Doak.jpg (38054 bytes)

Patterson, Doak
Perrin & Co..jpg (54790 bytes)

Perrin & Company
right downwind  27 Dong Tam.jpg (50057 bytes)
Downwind, Dong Tam
Sanfillippo,Patterson, Waters.jpg (28871 bytes)
Sanfillippo, Patterson, Waters
Shrapnel.jpg (40789 bytes)

The Day After
South Dong Tam.jpg (50899 bytes)
South Dong Tam
This really Itches.jpg (64870 bytes)
This Really Itches
Vanzo.jpg (49625 bytes)
Who farted.jpg (39673 bytes)
Who Farted?
WO1 Patterson.jpg (39834 bytes)
Chris Patterson
Thanks to Chris Patterson


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