Among the many good things that came from the Tulsa reunion is a consensus for a manuscript that tells the 191 story.  John Falcon volunteered the monumental task of gathering material, creating the manuscript, and marketing the book.  He has agreed to  contribute all copyright proceeds generated by this effort to the 191 AHC Organization.  


     Anyone who served with the 191 AHC has earned a place in this story and should complete and return the attached “191 AHC Member Bio” to John at   or by mail to:



Update 14 APR 2017  --  Please note that John has moved his office to a new location, and the mailing address has changed:


John Falcon Insurance Services Inc.
801 Union Road
Omaha, GA  31821

      Anyone wishing to discuss any part of their input with John, can reach him at 229-838-5501  (9-5  M-F)
FAX 229-838-5502



Note:  As of April, 2017 the manuscript is undergoing final edits and additions in order to get the book finished.  As a result, new submissions will be filed for a future publication.



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