191st Assault Helicopter Company

Pictures and Captions Courtesy of Terry Wilund

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Beached Freighter At Vung Tau - 1968
Remember the freighter that run aground on the south end of the Vung Tau beach?

Boomerang Village, Bear Cat - March 1968
Officers' billets completed in March 1968; the movie screen was installed later.

Y Bridge In Saigon
During the May 1968 VC/NVA Offensive, we flew combat assaults into the area right next to the bridge.


Remember flying security forces out to the broken-down hovercraft?

Dennis Akers - May 26, 1968
 I landed at Dong Tam due to a hydraulic failure. The tower asked me to "land long," so I did. Since their ground handling wheels were broken, the tower re-opened the runway. This Caribou did a fine job of missing us as it took off. The guy on the right is unknown; the shirtless guy is doorgunner SP4 Dennis Akers. Dennis was KIA nine days after this photo was taken. He died in the crash of helicopter #65-10019 after it was hit by a rocket propelled grenade.


Thanks to Terry Wilund for these Pictures



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